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>>Wipavee Vatharakorn: My name is Wipavee Vatharakorn and I’m the Managing Director of Vachamon Food.

We import the fresh food from Australia from the regions of Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

We are one of the leading importers of fresh fruit and vegetables to [00:35 UNCLEAR] and hypermarkets nationwide.

The fresh food items that we import from Australia are table grapes, citrus, strawberries and apples.

In the past seven years we always have a positive experience dealing with Australian exporters or growers. We think they are very integrative and honest to provide us the best possible produce that they have at the most reasonable price.

The items that are popular in the Thai market are table grapes, especially for the crimson seedless; for citrus, particularly the Murcott mandarins and the Navel orange. These two are the very big items in the Thai market. About 50 per cent of our business in the whole company is the grapes.

The fresh produce business has a bright future with the support of Austrade that we always have, with like all the promotions and marketing that come in play nowadays and with that kind of activity and market we can help together to promote all the new items, new products to the consumers.

With Australia and Thailand, the experience and relationships that we have, I think we can develop really good and growing business together.


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Please see the Thailand local site for further information on buying Australian products and services.