Transforming the Singapore built environment with innovation and Technology




V/O:  Since the Australia - Singapore Comprehensive Strategic Partnership was signed in 2016, several Australian companies have been collaborating with Austrade to create a more innovative and technological future in Singapore.

Phil Lazarus(Aurecon):  The global switch project was a great demonstration of how an engaged client can drive process by bringing together design and delivery team that is equally committed in digital capable. The project is a great example of what the future can be when we work together.

Richard Kuppusamy(Lend Lease):  Paya lebar quarters is a, for us i guess, a pioneering development in leveraging what we now call integrated digital delivery. So we are using technology right from the very start of the development process, right through construction and how we actually operate the building. These technologies are things like building information management, BIM; VDC, virtual design construction; and inside of that construction process we’re also using technologies such as drones, 360 cameras, laser scanning or LIDAR, and virtual reality, to help us better understand both the design and how we actually go about building the buildings in a safer and more productive way.

Samantha Su(IMDA):  So last year we actually launched what we call the smart estates technology grant call. So for that, what we do is we try to get different companies from various parts of the value chain, from developers to build environment companies, facilities management guys, together with technology and solution providers to come together, form the consortium, look at problem statements, look at desired outcomes,come up with solutions and innovations that IMDA can support. Australia and Singapore companies, we are very similar in the way we do business, the way we invest in innovation, in development of solutions.

Richard Kuppusamy(Lend Lease):  I believe Singapore has one of the most technologically advanced built environment sectors, and we are always looking for capable partners to work with us through our development and construction businesses.

Phil Lazarus(Aurecon):  Everyone knows that Singapore is a great place to do business. It’s open, transparent, straightforward, and mostly importantly a vibrant market.

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