Transcript - Why Thai importers choose Australia? – Auto parts


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>>Veerasak Nitipisanon: My name is Veerasak Nitipisanon. We are the first company who are the real 4x4 accessory in Thailand. Since 22, 23 years ago no one produced good products, so we had to import.

For Australian products we started importing since more than 20 years ago and keep continually until now. We believe in Australian products for 4x4 because everybody in the 4x4 business, they understood the equipment from Australia is suitable for vehicles all around the world, and especially in Thailand.

Our relations with Australia, from my experience, we have very good support from our suppliers. Australian parts is suitable and better than the local made. We have to say in the past there were no local products.

Another thing that we’re very happy [with] is, Australia has Austrade to help us about sourcing products or getting any new information. Before we had to source everything by ourselves. With Austrade for automotive we have a lot of benefit and we can choose more easily and when we have any questions, Austrade helps me to find an answer and we are very happy.


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Please see the Thailand local site for further information on buying Australian products and services.