How to apply

There are documents you need to prepare before you apply for an Export Market Development Grant (EMDG).

Read the information on this page to help you apply.

You must read the EMDG Grant Guidelines before applying.

About the program, eligibility and how to apply

The Export Market Development Grants Overview 2022 video provides an overview of the EMDG program, eligibility requirements and how to apply for Round 2 of the program. 

Note: if you have any problems accessing the video content, please contact EMDG

EMDG program application form

The EMDG Online Portal is closed to applications. You can access the portal for a record of your application form and updates on your application status. 



Round 2 of the EMDG program opened at 9:00 am AEST on 6 July 2022 and closed at 4:00 pm AEST on 17 August 2022.

Preparing to apply

When applying you will need to provide:

  1. Evidence to show you are eligible for an EMDG grant. This includes that you are Australian (note: you must have an ABN)
  2. Evidence to show your product is eligible. This includes that it is of substantially Australian origin
  3. Your plan to market (how you plan to spend on eligible promotional expenses)
  4. Your most recent balance sheet and profit and loss statement. This is to prove your turnover is less than $20 million.
    • This means that for Round 2: you can provide copies of your management accounts or trial balances for the 2021-22 financial year.

Plan to market

You need to include a plan to market with your application. However, representative bodies only seeking funding to provide training are exempt from this requirement.

Your plan to market could be:

  • a one-page statement
  • a strategic roadmap for marketing and eligible promotional expenses
  • any other internal planning document.

It should explain:

  • why you are doing the proposed marketing
  • what business goals you want to achieve through your marketing
  • how you will measure success
  • your overall budget for each financial year
  • the location and target market of your customers or demographic
  • what marketing and eligible promotional activities you will do in as much detail or as strategic as you like.

You may choose to use the plan to market template below. However, this is not a requirement.

How to choose a Tier

Choose the grant Tier which works best and most strategically for your business based on your export journey. Note that this must be within the requirements of the EMDG Rules on

Check Section 3.4 of the EMDG Guidelines to help you decide which Tier to apply for.

Checklist for your application

To apply you must:

  • set up your Digital Identity, such as myGovID
  • link your Digital Identity to your business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)
  • complete the online grant application form using the EMDG Portal
  • provide all the information requested
  • address and meet all eligibility criteria. Check ‘Eligibility’ sections 4 and 5 in the EMDG Guidelines
  • include all necessary attachments. Check ‘How to apply’, section 6 in the EMDG Guidelines
  • submit your online application by the closing date.

Set up your Digital Identity

myGovID is the Australian Government’s Digital Identity app. You can use it to access a range of government online services. It saves you from having to prove who you are over and over.

Set up your myGovID with at least a ‘Standard’ identity strength. You need to do this to access the EMDG portal. The principal authority (person responsible for the business) will need a ‘Strong’ identity strength. They need this to set up the initial link to the business online in RAM.

Find out how to set up your myGovID.

Link your Digital Identity to your business

Once you’ve set up your Digital Identity, link it to your business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

RAM is an Australian Government authorisation service for business. It allows you to act on behalf of a business online when linked with your Digital Identity, like myGovID. How you link this depends on your role.

Principal authority

The principal authority is a person responsible for the entity. As a principal authority you need to link the business in RAM first.

Before you link your business, check your Australian Business Register details are up to date. This is so RAM identifies the correct information.

With a Strong myGovID, you can link your business online. You can then authorise others to access government online services on the business's behalf. This includes services like the EMDG portal.

Read more information about how to link as the principal authority on

Authorised user or administrator

An authorised user or administrator or user is someone who acts on behalf of a business.

A principal authority or authorised administrator needs to authorise you before you can access the EMDG portal.

You will use your myGovID to log in to RAM to accept the authorisation request.

If you’re an authorised administrator, you can also set up and manage authorisations in RAM on behalf of the business.

Read more information about how to link as an authorised user or administrator on

Resources and templates

You can refer to the sample application form when preparing to apply. You must make declarations and attach certain documents with your online grant application. Use the templates below to prepare those documents.

For all applicants

For certain applicants

If you are eligible for a grant, we will offer you a grant agreement. Sample grant agreements for each tier are available on our grant agreements page.

How we assess eligibility

We understand some SME exporters have complex business models. They may have had to adapt to a changing trading environment. The following examples may help you understand if you are eligible to apply:

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