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Find out how we support trade and economic opportunities for First Nations businesses.

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Austrade supports First Nations businesses to export goods or services through our export programs globally and our visitor economy THRIVE 2030 Strategy. This support is a priority of the Australian Government’s commitment to First Nations economic uplift.

Types of support

If you are a First Nations business that sells your services or products to overseas customers, then you are an exporter. You could benefit from Austrade’s programs and services.

We support First Nations businesses in their global trade and investment ambitions, and in tourism. This is an important way for us to help achieve reconciliation.

First Nations are our first traders. Austrade acknowledges and celebrates this. Our First Nations trade and investment work aligns to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s First Nations Foreign Policy Agenda. Our visitor economy objectives and programming to support First Nations tourism operators is captured in the THRIVE 2030 strategy. This includes the work underway by Austrade, the National Indigenous Australians Agency, Tourism Australia, State and Territory Governments, and First Nations leaders to co-design a national partnership to elevate First Nations views in the visitor economy”.

We also support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and businesses through affirmative recruitment and procurement policies and practices. Our Reconciliation Action Plan presents a range of practical actions for Austrade and our employees to help work towards reconciliation.

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“At Austrade, we want to make a difference. We want to make change happen for First Nations Australians and First Nations businesses.” - Xavier Simonet, Austrade CEO


Export readiness guide

Create your own exporting strategy using our tools and market advice at the Go Global Toolkit. The toolkit offers:

  • online quizzes to help you understand if your business is ready to export
  • help to find the best markets for your products
  • information about regulatory, customs and business requirements of overseas markets.

Export Market Development Grants

An Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) can help you promote your goods and services to the world. Whatever stage you’re at in your export journey, an EMDG could boost your marketing results.

See how First Nations business Gali Swimwear used a grant to help it launch and sell to the US market. To learn more, read the case study EMDG helps take Australian Indigenous and beach culture to the world.

For the latest news on funding rounds, go to the Export Market Development Grants page and review the grant guidelines.

Australian Export Awards

Austrade has hosted the annual Australian Export Awards for more than half a century. The awards celebrate the success of small and medium Australian exporters across a range of sectors. Finalists and winners in more than a dozen categories are recognised by Australian and international media.

Useful links

  • Supply Nation makes it easy for government and other organisations to choose registered or certified businesses as a supplier. First Nations business can register with or be certified by Supply Nation. Austrade sponsors Supply Nations’ Supplier Diversity Awards Indigenous Exporter of the Year.
  • Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) assists in the economic development of First Nations businesses and promotes their role in the Australian economy.
  • Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) offers support for businesses incorporated under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island) Act 2006.
  • ICN Network connects Australian suppliers and project owners to help businesses grow.
  • AusIndustry helps Australian businesses access government advice and support so they can grow, innovate and thrive.
  • Austrade has many newsletters to keep you up to date with the latest in export and investment developments, whatever your business. Subscribe to newsletters for the latest on trade, investment, the visitor economy and more.

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