Guidelines and legislation

EMDG guidelines help you understand the rules and information about each round of grants.


EMDG is changing

The information on this page is relevant for Rounds 1, 2 and 3. Changes are coming for Round 4 EMDG Rules. No changes will be made to the EMDG Act. We will communicate this information when details, including guidelines, are finalised and released. To get regular updates, subscribe to the EMDG Update newsletter.


The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) program has 3 governing documents from 1 July 2021. These include the EMDG Guidelines.

Round 3 guidelines

EMDG Grant Guidelines 2023-24 (DOCX 835KB)

Round 2 guidelines

EMDG Grant Guidelines 2022-23 (DOCX 1.09MB)

Round 1 guidelines

EMDG Grant Guidelines 2021-22 (DOCX 2.46KB)

About the guidelines

The EMDG Grant Guidelines describe in plain English:

  • the governing rules for EMDG
  • who is eligible
  • how to apply
  • grant agreements
  • how we assess applications
  • grant agreements.


Other EMDG governing documents are:

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