Smart Cities Case Study: November 2017

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Utillix delivers economic efficiencies by providing visibility of underground assets.

Utillix provides a solution that enables assets beneath the ground to be identified, avoiding damage to underground infrastructure and bringing efficiencies to planning.

Utillix’s underground mapping technology provides a visual representation of assets such as water, gas, power, communication, recycled water, sewer line and stormwater systems. This increased visibility leads to better decision making, fewer mistakes and increased savings.

Utillix helps make cities smart by instantly updating videos and photographs using geolocation technology, and transfers difficult-to-read traditional black-and-white drawings into colour-coded 2D and 3D views over Google Maps.

An underground utility is hit every minute. Workers who are in frequent contact with subsurface utilities often do not have access to or visibility of underground utility maps. In its annual report, the US-based utility location association, Common Ground Alliance (CGA), found that damage to underground infrastructure cost the US at least US$1.5 billion (A$1.89 billion) in 2016.

Utillix is a partner in the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and is working with IBM on projects in Ireland, London, Boston and Australia. 

“The Ward Civil project team is using Utillix Enterprise on a new project that includes many underground services. Capturing the location of these services on a map with photograph and video files is invaluable and can be shared instantly with all Utillix users on the project, avoiding assumptions and misinformation. It is popular with workers and supervisors who actively populate the project map with information daily. Workers now have access to up-to-date user-friendly information on existing underground services, raising awareness and preventing unwanted incidents with service strikes over the course of the project.”  - Ward Civil.

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