About Randtronics  

Randtronics is leading developer of data encryption solution known as Data Privacy Manager or DPM. DPM protects structured and unstructed data against malicious intent from external hackers, internal employees and outsource contractors. Randtronics technology assumes security will never be perfect, perimeter is penetrable and authorised users may turn rogue.

As a first line of defence, DPM takes the sensitive data within a system and encrypts, masks, tokenizes, anonymizes and isolates it. Then, only authorized users, applications and processes can access the real data through DPM application directly.

DPM’s offerings are:

  • Some of the easiest to install and use
  • Work on premise or in the cloud or hybrids
  • Use innovative data encryption
  • Use current people skillsets and infrastructure
  • Deploy quickly and easily with rapid ROI


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