Australia's International Business Survey 2018

The release of Australia’s International Business Survey 2018 (AIBS 2018) marks the fifth consecutive year in which Australia’s international businesses have used the AIBS platform to share their experiences of key markets, international activities and barriers to earning international revenue.

AIBS remains the largest study of its kind. The longitudinal survey is commissioned by the Export Council of Australia (ECA) with the support of Austrade and Efic (Export Finance and Insurance Corporation). This year the survey was conducted by amr Australia between April 2018 and May 2018.

Over 1,600 unique company respondents have been surveyed over the past five years.

  • AIBS 2018 reflects the opinions of 629 firms from 19 sectors undertaking international activities in over 90 overseas markets.

AIBS 2018 provides detailed information on:

  • the demographics of respondent businesses including size by revenue and employee, international experience and management profile
  • the nature of businesses’ engagement with the global economy, including trade, inward and outward investment, R&D and other activities as well as their first market
  • current top markets
  • the profiles of companies earning international revenue from Latin American markets, including the nature of the barriers faced
  • the reasons why companies are not engaged in international activity and the most valued forms of support for companies to start exploring international activity
  • the outlook for firms' international operations and the impact on business employment plans

Analysis of key survey findings is available from the Economics at Austrade blog

Download the full survey report

Interactive Data for Key Markets

A selection of highlights from the detailed AIBS 2018 findings are presented here in interactive charts.

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