Latest insight on e-commerce in China

25 Aug 2021

There are now more e-commerce consumers in China than in Europe and the US combined. In the last year alone, 72 million e-commerce shoppers joined this total.

But how does this create opportunities for Australian exporters? Dane Richmond investigates, in the latest China insights video.

  • China’s e-commerce customers like 'clean, green’ Australian goods
  • Expert advice is needed to access a competitive market 
  • Be sector-specific and identify group purchasing platforms

Austrade is sharing monthly China e-commerce insights to help exporters navigate into China. These insights will also help exporters to grasp e-commerce trends in China.

Resources include a calendar of key dates for China e-commerce and advice on how to take a strategic approach, leverage livestreaming and protect IP.

For more information, please contact Dane Richmond in Shanghai.