Australia’s vibrant technology ecosystem attracts US business transformation company MTX

Global technology consulting firm MTX Group has established its first regional service hub in Australia. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the hub will service the Asia-Pacific region. MTX expects to create up to 500 jobs in Adelaide over the next five years.

2 September 2021

MTX is a global consulting firm. It helps accelerate digital transformation and create positive community outcomes with technology. The company partners with companies such as Salesforce, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The move to Australia

MTX has played an important role helping public sector organisations adapt to the pandemic.

Its technology is helping connect complex digital systems and databases. It allows information to be shared between users in different parts of the system. This enables them to analyse and draw insights from the information they hold.

‘The US public health sector had to transform quickly in response to COVID-19,’ says Ben Papps, CEO, MTX Australia. ‘We had great success helping deliver vaccination rollouts and contact tracing solutions.

‘Off the back of this success, we came to Australia a bit earlier than planned. We liked what we saw and we’ve managed to build some tremendous momentum in a short time.’

Tech-savvy nation open to new technology

Papps says Australia’s high level of digital maturity was appealing.

‘Digital technology, especially in the health sector, is widely used in the Australian workforce,’ he says. ‘Australian consumers are also open to new technology.

It's a tech-friendly environment where solutions like ours can find a ready market with a high potential to deliver meaningful outcomes.’

MTX is a service organisation at heart. It has strong relationships with organisations such as Google Cloud and government departments. These relationships encouraged MTX to invest in Australia.

‘We’ve had some terrific discussions with state government organisations, including the South Australian Department for Trade and Investment and Invest Victoria. Both have been very helpful in the early stages,’ says Papps.

‘We’re now growing our team in Australia to service local projects and work with clients around the world. As we build scale, we expect to further expand from Australia into the Asia-Pacific region.’

The benefits of a strong ecosystem

Papps says the vibrant tech ecosystem was conducive to new partnerships and collaborations.

‘Australia has strong academic expertise in its universities and great innovation health precincts,’ he says. ‘These include BioMed City in Adelaide and the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct.

‘We’re eager to build partnerships with Australian academic and research institutions and centres of excellence. The Australian Institute for Machine Learning in Adelaide is an example.’

Using Australia’s global connections

MTX aims to contribute to the community through three pillars: happiness, health and economics. Its expansion into Asia-Pacific helps MTX fulfil this purpose on a global scale.

‘Australia has been a strategic decision for us,’ says Papps. ‘We can train and hire talented staff here. We are in a time zone that complements our business in North America and India. This allows us to provide 24x7 services to clients worldwide.

‘The world is becoming flatter every year. We have the infrastructure and telecommunications to communicate anywhere in the world. Australia has become much closer to the rest of the world.

‘Our Australian service hub is a launch pad for our APAC operations,’ says Papps. ‘We’re excited to be here developing new skills, creating new jobs and contributing to the community.’

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