Shannon Powell

Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Hong Kong

Photo of Shannon Powell

Shannon Powell commenced as Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner Hong Kong and Macau in 2020.

Previously, Shannon was the Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for Andean Latin America from 2015 to 2019, leading a team of 20 staff across Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru, based in Santiago. Her work focused on the promotion of Australian trade and education exports and managing commercial relationships and issues within a growing bilateral relationship.

Shannon started her career in law, working within large Australian law firms before joining an Australian non-profit organisation, The Global Foundation where she led domestic and global teams facilitating trade and investment and policy development in the areas of mining, renewable energy, financial services, education, agribusiness and manufacturing. Prior to joining Austrade, she was Director of her own consultancy company, with clients across Australia, Brazil and the United States specialising in governance, leadership, community engagement and communications for large organisations. Shannon continues to sit on the Advisory Board of The Global Foundation.

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons.) and Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University and speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

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